Boycott Amazon Over “The Ex” Shooting Target Mannequin on Their Site


UPDATE 2:45 p.m. Central Time – Within 3 hours of my letter and call to Amazon (and who knows how many others):  

Now, we need to make sure they permanently delete it and stop carrying it altogether.  

This is a good day for activists, my friends – Savor it!!!!  

Here is the letter I just sent to Amazon’s Public Relations Department, after signing Ultra Violet’s petition expressing outrage over a shooting target mannequin named the “The Ex,” a large-breasted woman who bleeds when shot, that is being sold on It’s manufactured by Zombie Industries, a company that was featured at the NRA convention last weekend.

Although this image is highly disturbing to me, maybe it’s even more so because the mannequin has dark hair like I do.

You can also contact Amazon’s P.R. Department by phone:
(206) 266-7180

My letter to Amazon’s P.R. Department & review:
“Here is my review I just sent to you re: Zombie Industries’ “The Ex” target practice.  I will be watching to see if this is posted.  And, if you’d like to review my account, you’ll see I’m a loyal Amazon customer.

I also follow and write for online publications, and the fact that this was displayed at the NRA Convention and that you carry it is getting a lot of traction in the media right now.

Until you remove this dangerous item from your site, I will be removing my $$$ from your coffers.  And, so will thousands of other women like me.

Sincerely, Laura Sabransky”

My Review:
“Especially with Mother’s Day coming up, knowing that you still have this on your site, Amazon, is highly upsetting and disturbing to me.

Women hold the majority of jobs in our country and we have the buying power. That means we have the buying power to decide whether you even exist in the market, Amazon.

I buy a great deal from your site, but will stop until this is removed. And so will thousands of other women.

Every minute you keep this up on your site is another minute you have blood on your hands – as you contribute to the huge domestic violence problem in our country. Women living in violent households where there is even one gun ARE 500 TIMES MORE LIKELY TO BE KILLED. Yes, you read that correctly – 500 times.

Take this down, Amazon – NOW.”


More Dangerous Than Weapons: Denial

The biggest problem in our country right now is not lack of jobs, violence, education or climate chaos. It’s the inability to look in the mirror, the false sense of control, and extreme insecurity – that breeds dangerous denial.

We witness this denial most with a minority of citizens – yes, let’s be clear – they are a minority – who cling to their guns and think that the mere ownership of a gun – easier to get than a kitten at most adoption agencies – makes them superior not only to felons, but average citizens. They call themselves “law-abiding” when they aren’t even subject to background checks and when they break laws without being caught or reported.

Dr. Deidra Blackmon

Veterinarian Dr. Deidra Blackmon was killed by a 24-year old “law-abiding” gun owner, because her friend was vomiting on his car in a bar parking lot.  The gunman’s life was in no way being threatened.

Gun owners who have impulse control and anger issues to where they abuse their spouses and children are breaking laws, but if they’re not arrested and convicted or if they got their guns without background checks, they feel entitled to be considered “law abiding.” Parents who habitually and recklessly leave their loaded guns unlocked are considered “law-abiding” too…all because our public safety laws have been written so that virtually anyone with a pulse and a few bucks can own guns.

If the only qualification for owning a gun is waking up in the morning, here’s a news flash: Owning a gun does not make you morally, intellectually or in any other way superior to the majority of citizens who avoid guns and believe in reasonable regulation of life-ending weapons.  

Discussing this issue upsets me, so I am posting a great comment from my friend Martin Hunter – He says exactly what I believe, and says it most eloquently:

“We are all human. In the heat of a dispute, dark thoughts, even the idea of pulling the trigger, may come to mind. So many folks that seek security with a gun strapped to their leg or in their purse think that they are immune to acting on such an impulse. They only fear that others would act on that kind of impulse. It is a common fallacy that most all have, that they are stronger but others are weak.

But when you hear the hateful and violent curse filled verbal assaults delivered by the NRA gun nuts you just have to scratch your head and wonder why their self perceptions is so distorted. They are all obviously capable of pulling the trigger without a second thought. Instead of retreating from confrontations, the gun gives these folks a dangerous level of bravado and they end up making some very poor decisions.

Zimmerman comes to mind. He would not have followed Travon were it not for the fact that he had a sense of security with his gun. Now a teen, armed with Skittles, is dead. I think anyone easy to anger or prone to violent outburst should be judged unsuitable for conceal-carry. As it is, only the insane will be denied a permit based on mental health issues. That is setting the bar too low from my point of view.”