Dear Activist’s Diary…Unethical “News” Reports of Walmart Workers Protests

Walmart protesters in Oklahoma. Courtesy of

Big Week for what may be the beginnings of some major changes in the right direction for Walmart.   They’re not going to happen overnight.  We are reminded of Ghandi’s inspiration:  “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

Here is my most recent activity this week.  We must look for opportunities to inform others of the facts & try to hold journalists to a modicum of integrity.

Commented on WGN News Story re: Walmart Employee Protests :

WGN – How do you call yourself journalists, again?  You did not dispute a statement by the Walmart CEO that clearly outright lies.
He said that “only 50 employees around the country” engaged in the protests.  There were more than 50 just at the Chicago location you showed!  Employees and other protesters engaged in peaceful protest in more than 100 cities yesterday – in one location in Los Angeles alone, there were 1,500 people.  So, that’s thousands across the country.

Again, I ask you – what are you journalistic credentials to not dispute that statement, much less even air it in the first place?

To those of you on here supporting the one of the richest families in America and the biggest employer in the world, do you realize that even if you never step foot inside a Walmart, you help the owners and shareholders get richer and richer by subsidizing their employees with your tax dollars?  Here are the FACTS…
– 80% of Walmart workers are on food stamps – even those who work full time – because Walmart pays so poorly.
– Employees rely upon $2.66 Billion of YOUR TAX MONEY in government programs.
– Walmart employees, in state after state, are the top recipients of Medicaid.
– Walmart sets the pace for other retailers.  This hurts all retail employees & families.

I personally don’t care if they unionize…What’s at issue is our largest employer treating their employees like human beings.

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