Wisconsin Law Enforcement Kills Fawn, Fails to Protect Women

On October 21, 2012, an abusive, dangerous Wisconsin man was able to kill his wife and 2 of her coworkers at the spa at which they worked, after receiving a 4-year restraining order and demand to turn in all firearms, because law enforcement did not raid his home to get those firearms, and Wisconsin has no background check on guns purchased from private dealers.  This was the 2nd mass shooting  in the southeast part of Wisconsin in as many months.

Earlier this week, Wisconsin armed agents raided an animal shelter and killed a fawn, one day before she was to be released to a nearby wildlife preserve, all because the shelter was violating the law by having the one deer.   “It was like a SWAT team,” shelter employee Ray Schulze told WISN 12 News.

Fawn killed in July 2013 by Wisconsin DNR agents in raid of Wisconsin animal shelter

Fawn killed July 2013 by Wisconsin DNR agents in raid of Wisconsin animal shelter

“Funny,” the local police didn’t seem much concerned with stopping a dangerous man from killing his wife and other women as they were about an innocent deer and going after a charitable organization that’s struggling to stay afloat.

What kind of country is this that this is how our tax dollars are being used? To kill deer, but not protect women and children in our communities???

Follow up:
I posted this on DailyKos’ article, which highlights the big picture, and received the most “likes” I probably have ever received for a post. DailyKos reminds us of the militarization of our police forces, and a host of related issues.

This story has gone viral around the world.

Tourists might be reconsidering visiting Wisconsin right now…Here is a photo courtesy of Jenna Pope, activist/photojournalist, of a woman visiting from Tucson almost arrested in the Wisconsin’s State Capitol Building – for stopping to watch a group of citizens peacefully singing, as part of Solidarity Sing Along, while visiting the capitol earlier this week.

Wisconsin Capitol Police threaten to arrest Tucson tourist - for observing Solidarity Sing Along

Wisconsin Capitol Police threaten to arrest Tucson tourist – for observing Solidarity Sing Along

She said she couldn’t get arrested because she is from out of town, and decided to leave the building instead. The sing along has been happening every week day since March 2011, but last week, Capitol Police began declaring it an unlawful assembly and have been arresting participants and even tourists who are observing.

Yes, she was nearly arrested for observing others singing, and yes, she was a tourist.


Wisconsin Law Enforcement Kills Fawn, Fails to Protect Women

3 thoughts on “Wisconsin Law Enforcement Kills Fawn, Fails to Protect Women

  1. Great to see you putting such (hopefully) thought-provoking pieces up on the blog! I previously had seen the story about the people arrested for the singing and watching the singing at the WI state capitol, but hadn’t seen the stories about the fawn and the shooting by the restraining order guy. Wow. Thanks for sharing. I thought about sharing a few things with you for your blog over the past couple weeks, but I’ve been so busy with the farm maintenance, house repairs, work, regular parent care, and getting my Dad ready for his train trip out West to see my brother and his family in Portland, I’ve been too tired at the end of the day to spit anything out. That may change soon, though. I got word this morning that a beautiful little 8-year-old boy over in Southern Illinois that my cousin babysat and that I met in the spring was shot in a gun ‘accident’. When I went out to visit my cousin, Candice, this spring this boy Daniel (who was my cousin’s daughter Skye’s best friend -like brother and sister) slept over. He and Skye played for hours outside and then came in and they were so polite about asking for different foods and then when they went to bed he was wearing those footy one piece pajamas and played video games for hours with Skye until they both fell asleep he on the top bunk and she on the bottom one. They were so cute. And then in the morning I went and got a big breakfast feast with plenty of everything and all the different things that both of the kids requested [you know how kids can be when an adult offers to get them ANYTHING they want to eat]. And, of course, the shooting happened while Candice and Skye were down in Texas on vacation visiting Candice’s step-Dad, so she couldn’t be there for Daniel’s mom and was stuck alone in a hotel room trying to process this horrible, senseless, needless tragedy herself while trying to figure out how to tell Skye that her best friend was shot dead. The emotions are still too raw- if I do send you a piece on this, I’m definitely going to need some time to work this out. Anyway, sorry to ramble on about this bummer of a story, life is what it is sometimes. Until we change it.

    • Sorry to take so long to reply to you, Perry! I am so sorry to hear about the death of Daniel. It makes me sick, as you know. I don’t know anyone personally this has happened to, so I appreciate hearing the story of it on a personal level, as you and your cousin experienced it. What about her daughter, Skye? Not a whole lot is written or said about the traumatizing effect these “accidents” have on the children who were friends or relatives, whether or not they witnessed it. I think of where I grew up, which was far from perfect, re: some of the things kids got into, but I never, ever thought about whether there were guns in the household. It just wasn’t discussed, and I have the sense that people didn’t, because it was illegal, for one thing. So, when you recover and have head space (I know you already have the heart space), I would like to know more circumstances – was this in a community where guns were legal? How did this happen? And, of course, any other thoughts and feelings you want to share about what happened, about Daniel, and related issues.

      I am working with a group right now on a project that will raise the awareness of what I call “public safety” issues in our state. I think the majority of people – while they may know about conceal/carry passing – do not realize all the ramifications of the way the law was written, especially in regard to public spaces (I’m not giving any more details right now…)

      Hope you’re doing OK – sorry our world is so fucking depressing right now.

      Thank you for being such a great comrade!

  2. What do you expect when the DNR Secretary thinks it’s exhilerating to kill deer !!! Terrible wast of time, money, and a life of one small deer


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