March 19, 2003 and 2013: The Days Democracy Died

Politicians – especially conservative ones  – love to pontificate about our [the poorer classes – you know – the 99%] lack of sanctity for life…how there would be so many fewer deaths if only those from single-mother households could learn how to value their community members and at the very least, obey laws.


On March 19, 2003, Bush blasted right through our Constitution, preemptively starting a war based on lies, causing hundreds of thousands of deaths.
On March 19, 2013, Senator Harry Reid – aided by what I now believe is a president who does not understand the power his office holds – squashed Democracy once again.  Reid removed the assault weapons ban from gun regulation legislation that his Democratic Party put forth.  Legislation that American people called for and the majority of citizens stand behind.  Because, he said, he “didn’t have the votes.”

I’ve learned – if I want to stay off the “no fly” list, to not send letters to public officials when as angry as I was yesterday.  I waited until today to send Senator Reid my most sincere criticism.  I urge everyone who feels as I do to write to him, and make it crystal clear that we are in the majority on sensible gun regulation:

“Senator Reid – I left you a message a few weeks ago when you said that you didn’t have the votes for an assault weapons ban – telling you how much you are undermining the efforts of citizens like me who are trying to use the last shreds of Democracy in our country to make our voices heard to get some common sense gun regulations passed.
Even if your voice shakes...

Yesterday, when you put politics before people, and denied citizens the ability to see lawmakers  stand up and be counted on this issue, when you let lawmakers instead retreat to their offices, where they could accept the calls from the NRA, promising these public officials more money for your victory, you just squashed Democracy.

You let a very small minority of loud people – who are being used by the NRA every bit as much as you are – to decide the fate of legislation that would have saved lives.

You sir, are responsible – not only for more gun deaths, but for the death of what those of us who have been voting and participating in civic life our entire lives – understand Democracy to be.

While you may have sought to kill Democracy yesterday, understand that it is ours – not yours.

You will find this out when you lose your next election. You should retire now and spare all of us more of this sham of a government. I’m sure the NRA has a well-paying position waiting for you.”


2 thoughts on “March 19, 2003 and 2013: The Days Democracy Died

  1. Excellent letter! The only comment I have is that I wish *I* had written it! WHY must we wait until “we have the votes.” Let’s NOT, and see who votes FOR it or AGAINST it. Therein lies the game of it all: NO senator wants to go on record for a vote about gun control – – EITHER WAY!

  2. “A small minority of loud people” allowed to decide the fate of legislation- or as Bill Maher called the problem last week “shit-kicker inflation”. The overestimation of the ‘conservative-ness’ of their constituency by liberal, middle-of-the-road, and conservative politicians is HUGE due to the megaphones of the conservative media-entertainment complex. Thanks for shouting back a little through this blog. Stay angry


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