Featured Activism…Confronting “-isms” in Public Places, in Real Time

A Facebook friend gave me permission to re-post this – an example of acting in everyday situations.  I commend the restaurant owner in this situation:
“So, some of you might be familiar with Conejito’s on the near south side of Milwaukee. Well, I was there for dinner with family tonite, including my nephew, and there was an incredibly rude moron making offensive remarks loud enough for anyone on that side of the restaurant to hear. He was making obscene comments about women’s body parts, gay people, black people, and really when you think of it, what he was saying was offensive to human beings, period. Well, at one point, he was talking loudly into his phone right next to our table, and acting belligerent toward us. When my nephew’s dad asked the guy to move away from our table, the jerk then made a rude comment toward him. At this point two other men sitting nearby came over and asked the moron to leave the restaurant. The first guy also had children with him and his wife. His wife was also absolutely horrified by the guy’s comments. The second guy basically said to the jerk, ‘If you don’t leave on your own, I’ll make you leave.’ I personally thanked him afterwards. The owners finally stepped in and asked the moron to leave, and he did, but this was only after two tables of patrons got up and walked out after being subjected to this jerk’s loud, rude commentary. I have never been in a serious fight in my whole life, but this is one person that deserves to have his ass kicked.”

What Have You Done to Create Change Today?
Please share in the comments section and you might be featured here.


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