Dear Activist’s Diary…Let your Wallet Do the Talking

During any given week, I post and comment frequently through social media to help advance action on progressive issues.  Activist’s Diary lists other direct actions.

11/13/2012:  Launched Activist’s Diary

11/15:  While picking up a voucher for theatre tickets that I won through WBEZ, Chicago’s public radio station, I ran into a Donor Relations staffer.  I told her that I would be reducing my donation again (I did so last year, when they refused to cover the beginnings of the Occupy Movement) because of their recent cancellation of the Smiley and West program.  I repeated some of the concerns brought up by Tavis Smiley about BEZ’s CEO Torey Malatia’s article in Current.  WBEZ is keeping a list of concerned listeners/donors, and so far, it’s up to 300.  When I wrote to them last year about their other poor decision re: the Occupy Movement, the head of fundraising copied their programming staff, to show them how their decisions were hurting the station.
ACTION:  Email Jill Sheperd, WBEZ’s Director of Individual Giving

What Have You Done to Create Change Today?
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